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I wanted to share with everyone about this Saturday's program at Infinite Fitness & Health in Wharton which starts at 2 pm to 4 pm.  This could develop into a Challenger program depending upon how it is received.  Hopefully the Challenger families give it a try and see if they like it.  I have attached a map below for directions to their facility.  Click below for map:,-74.5771605,18z


If you know where Costco is (Wharton) and turn onto East Dewey (where ShopRIte is on that corner) headed for downtown Wharton, East Dewey turns into West Dewey once you cross the traffic light (near Sussex Meat Packing).  As you go down West Dewey you will pass Luxemburg Avenue on the right, keep going on West Dewey, once you see the houses disappear on the right hand side look out for the two large buildings on the right and turn off to the right. The second building in the back of the first is where Infinite Fitness & Health is located, however you need to go around the building to the other side where the entrance is.  

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